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Welcome to the Directorate!

Hello and welcome to the UID website!

The United Imperial Directorate is a clan that ranges from many game platforms and real life activities such as paintball in the Dayton region!

Quick! We need CPR!

Well, as it looks no one in this clan has been active in a matter of months. My cousin who created this has abandoned the clan and I have tried hard to keep us alive. I know I haven't done much on this front due to my current career track, but I'd like to have a tournament to possibly add new members. I have no idea which games they will be or even if we will have one on PlayStation, Xbox, Wii, DS, and Steam at the same time. If its possible can we schedule an event on the weekend to actually have a tournament where the winner wins $50. It can be cash, but I prefer it to be a Steam/Microsoft Points/PSN/Nintendo card for roughly the same amount. But, to do this we need at least 16 people.  This is where I need my fellow members.  I can arrange this if you can spread the word. If we get the minimum 16 people, I will attempt to get MBison75 to set everything else up. My general idea was to pair everyone up based on similar consoles. I can pair everyone on steam, because most people have Team Fortress 2; if someone refuses we can work something out. On Xbox, my plan is to have everyone play Halo 4. The alternative game will be Black Ops 2. I have no idea what our capabilities are on the Sony front.  We have been out of touch with the people who were supposed to be in charge of that and as far as I know, it really never took off. Anyways, I hope we can get people to come back. I have put too much time and effort along with my cousin to just let this die. I wish to see someone reply in the forums; when they might be able to play, what games they have, which consoles they have, ect. I wish you all good luck!


Word from UID Command

Greetings UID members!

We have added email (Gmail) support at If you want one, please contact [email protected] 

On your member profile, please put what your Xbox LIVE/PSN gamertag is. UID members and their branches are on the UID Command's profile.


Minecraft Server

I had a minecraft server for a long time, until I had to move. I have one that is set up to play, but I haven't had any reason to have it running, as no one played often enough.

E-mail us at [email protected]m if you would like to be white-listed and if you would like the server running again. 

When the server is up just enter this in the ip address box, here's the link.

Note: We also play Minecraft of Xbox too so, keep an eye out.

Revenge of the nerds!

Ye olde news


Well, its 2013 and we couldn't let the site just disappear, so we went back to webs, while I'm still testing out google sites. (as of 3/14)

Ok, so I ended up renewing for 2 more years. We will be around for a while longer.

After I did that I have decided to have our services have been completely set up, except for one thing. I'm waiting for the "Microsoft Passport" services stuff to finalize. That would allow one to have 25 GB for free and you can also have a second official UID xbox gamertag (The only official thing about it is that you use the same username and password to login as you email and the webpage stuff.

UID Nation's Future

In the recent weeks the PSN and Steam branches has been lacking in members severely. Simply put we have only three members in those branches. We are in need of people to not only recruit on Xbox Live, but recruit on PSN as well; we only have a total of 11 official members.  We had over 100 members before July 16, 2010 when I asked everyone if they still wanted to be a member of UID.

As a note for the new recruits coming in, the proper way to sign up is to create a user on the members page. You can also just use your facebook account to sign up for UID.

For other users, a reminder to everyone that members must at least visit the UID webpage once every two weeks for updates. 

In recent times I have spoke with our leader MBison75 and we talked about keeping the address. As most of the older members of UID know that people can get here by simply going to And we agreed that we would renew it if we got more traffic through the webpage.

Also, I have tried looking for alternatives to hosting the website rather than using freewebs. Our needs seem to be a place that we can all chat (the forums/ the email service through gmail,) a place where we can get news (the homepage or facebook,) and a place to share our accomplishments (facebook/youtube/ustream)

Freewebs also offered a version of the webpage for mobile devices, which I have never tested. It is designed for Apple stuff, so results may vary when using a PSP for browsing.

Today, I possibly have found a new solution. 

I'm proposing we use Microsoft's Office 365 webhosting services. It offeres email, IM service, Webhosting, and online storage up to 25 GB free. The service I am currently testing is a 30 day trial. I also received a free six month trial if we ever decide to keep UID Nation alive. The new site is more cumbersome to use as it is designed for a large corporation. I do not plan on using this in the long haul, because the email alone costs $10 a user. By then, I should have my new server, graciously given by my aunt, up and running where we could host ourselves. It will do all of the other microsoft services does, but free. The only challenge I see will be the webhosting because of the fact we need to be able to have a nice looking webpage, but we will be basically starting from scratch.

You can test it out at

Please give your thoughts in the forum.

>TL;DR Need more members, what is uidnation now, freewebs sux & use microsoft

New theme

We, (zak0917, MBison, and thals1192) have chosen a new theme.

Its part of the GForce Mix and its called Star Wars Imperial March (Cyberslave remix).

If you like it you can download it at my old website

Note: to stop it you have to scroll all the way to the bottom and press pause (Its next to the Create a website button)

Our Brothers in Arms

We have conjoined forces with the clans UBH and WTC from XBL.

Theme Song?

Have a theme song? Want it on this site? Message M. Bison75 or thals115 on Xbox LIVE for details!

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