The United Imperial Directorate


One UID, One America.

The Leaders

Commander: M Bison75

Co Commander: Thals1192

UID Ranks(Enlisted)

E1 - PVT Private


E2 - PV2 Private 2


E3 - PFC Private First Class


E4 - SPC Specialist


E5 - CPL Corporal


E6 - SGT Sergeant


E7 - SSG Staff Sergeant


E8 - SFC Sergeant First Class


E9 - MSG Master Sergeant


E10 - 1SG First Sergeant


E11 - SGM Sergeant Major


E12 - CSM Command Sergeant Major


E13 - SMD Sergeant Major of the Directorate


UID Officer Ranks

O1 - Second Lieutenant


O2 - First Lieutenant


O3 - Captain


O4 - Major


O5 - Lieutenant Colonel


O6 - Colonel


O7 - Brigadier General


O8 - Major General


O9 - Lieutenant General


O10 - General


O11 - General of the Directorate

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